How to play on EuropeBattle


Installation Guide:                

1. Install Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (preferably outside “Program Files”).
Do not install using the official Blizzard installer (use another source).

2. Our realm requires version 1.13c therefore you must first upgrade your game to the same version with ours in order to connect. If you have the latest 1.14 patch installed you will need to re-install Diablo II client using the links below.

Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.13c can be downloaded from here or links below.
Download from Google Drive
Download from
Download from Mediafire

3. Download and run EuropeBattle Installer or EuropeBattle Archive, extract the contents into your Diablo II folder and overwrite the files. This step is mandatory in order to play in our server and be able to create and join games.

After the installation successfully completed, double click and execute the EuropeBattle Gateway.reg registry file to set the gateway address to our realm.

(Optional) You can use the Gateway Editor and manually set the IP to as instructed here instead of executing the registry file.

4. To correctly run the game you must be logged into your computer as an administrator. Follow the steps described and see this and this video tutorial.

Right-click Game.exe, Loader.exe and EuropeBattle.exe and select Properties.
a. Select the Compatibility tab.
b. Click Change settings for all users.
c. Under Compatibility mode, check and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3).
d. Under Privilege Level, check Run this program as an administrator.
e. Click Apply.

Make sure that you start the game only through our custom client launcher EuropeBattle.exe or Loader.exe as you will not be able to join or create games by using a regular diablo loader, then select EuropeBattle Gateway and connect.

If you wish to MULTI BOX and run multiple game instances at the same time launch the game again through the same icon and additional windows will open.

If you wish to launch the game in FULL SCREEN run Game.exe
You may also use Glide Wrapper

5. The last step requires you to create an account and have fun playing.
Do not use special symbols at the very begining of the account name.

* Overhead words (example: !hello) are blocked, don't use them in games.
* Read the full list of our custom features and recipes here.
* Be sure to follow the rules.

Need help? Ask for support in our FORUMS.

Running into problems when starting the game or click the button?

1. Set compatibility to XP SP2 for game.exe, loader.exe and europebattle.exe
2. Make sure to check the run as administrator box for all executable files
3. Turn off your antivirus, windows defender and user account control
4. Set data execution prevention for windows programs and services only
5. Reinstall the game and apply our europebattle server patch in order to play
Click here and read our complete fix guide for most common game errors.

Compatibility Guide (Video):
Windows Defender Guide (Video):  Windows 7   Windows 8   Windows 10
User Account Control Guide (Video):  Windows 7   Windows 8   Windows 10
Data Execution Prevention Guide (Video):

Running into `Connect Exception` or any other error while connecting?
Game does not start after the gameguard splash screen is loaded?
Game does not start because TDAgg3.dll was not found?

1. Run the game in window mode through each of our available executable files Loader.exe, Game.exe or EuropeBattle.exe and see if that works.

2. Run the game as administrator and in compatibility mode like here and here.

3. Some antiviruses may trigger false positive alerts (clean applications detected as malicious) or errors that can block you from connecting to our server.

Add the entire game folder to your antivirus and windows defender exclusion list.

Step by Step Guide (Video):  Avast   BitDefender   AVG   Windows Defender
Step by Step Guide (Screenshots):

If none of the solutions works then uninstall your antivirus completly and restart your computer, then try launching the game again or use a different antivirus.


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