Frequently asked questions


Will I need a legit CD key to play here?
No. We do not check if your CD key is legit or not as this is a private realm, although you should still own a copy of the game. We do not support piracy.

What versions should I use?
You should use Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.13c with our latest custom patch.

I am in the channel, but I am unable to see any games!
Make sure you're not on Open or using a non-ladder character.
Also keep in mind that if you are a new player you can only see normal games and therefore you cannot see hell games until you complete all game difficulties.

I get kicked from the chat channel!
Click the 'join' tab as soon as you enter the chat channel to prevent getting automatically kicked.

When are ladder resets?
There are no defined dates for them, however, they will last for up to two years.

Do most people play ladder or non-ladder?
Vast majority plays ladder so you should create a ladder character.

Do most people play Hardcore or Softcore?
Most people play softcore but hardcore has also some very active players, therefore you should pick whichever one you like more. Same goes for Classic.

Are we allowed to bot?
No botting of any kind, this includes other automated processes too. If you are found botting, all your accounts will be permanently banned.

Are we allowed to multi-box?
Yes, our launcher allows you to open as many game instances as you need.

How do I self-mule?
Run a second game instance and use trade window to move items between characters, don't drop valuable items on the ground.

Can we use maphacks?
Yes, as long as it does not include other automated features.
You can download the allowed tools and maphack from our tools page.

Are PlugY and Multires allowed?
Neither one is supported by the servers but widescreen mode is available.

Can we share accounts?
Try to avoid sharing passwords or accounts, or do so at your own risk.

What changes has this server received that differ from vanilla?
Although we maintain the blizzlike concept, there are several improvements made to the original game that can be found on this page.

Are the magic find percentages any different than standard realms?
No. They are exactly the same.

Do characters get deleted or expire from lack of use?
No. Unlike,, characters do not expire on the private realm. New characters created do not have to "idle" to be made permanent.

Can we convert characters from Classic to Expansion?
No. This feature used to be exploited and was disabled many years ago, but you can still play classic and expansion characters at the same time.

My character lost some/all items!
This happens when you have more than one non-empty body and leave the game. You will lose all items if: you die, you pick up any item(s) before getting your body back, die again, and then exit the game. The game will give you the last items of your last non-empty body. You will lose some items if: you die, you pick up any item(s) before getting your body back and then pick up your regular body, but have no inventory space for the item which was in the spot of your recently picked-up item. Your old item will not be picked up, so part of the body will remain in the ground. If you exit the game, the remaining items on your main body will vanish. Forever. It is recommended to use /nopickup command to avoid this issue. You can read more about the game mechanics on the official wiki.

I am getting some kind of error with my game, how can I fix it?
We have compiled a list of all known errors and their solution on this page.

Anything else I should know?
This server is based around having a respectful community. Use common sense, and don't abuse others' trust.

Where is the server located?
We run our software platform on multiple dedicated servers, depending on your geolocation you will be automatically connected to the closest server while still being able to interact with everyone that plays on the International realm.

How do I connect manually to a different game server?
When creating a game, type GS # in the game server description field, where # stands for the number of one of the game servers in the list: GS 1, GS 2 ... etc.

I have a question that is not listed here!
Feel free to leave any questions you may have in the forums.
If you feel your question might be sensitive you can send us a private message.


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