EuropeBattle.Net - Starcraft Private Server

Connection Guide
1. Install Starcraft and the Starcraft Broodwar Expansion

2. EuropeBattle.Net is running on 1.16.1 patch so in order to connect on our server you must install the 1.16.1 Blizzard patch

Blizzard patch 1.16.1 may be found here: BLIZZARD FTP

Note: When blizzard will update their patches you can update to latest patch by yourself checking BLIZZARD BROODWAR PATCHES link where you can find all old and new updates.

3. After upgrading your game to 1.16.1 version, you will have to run our installer which will allow you to play on our server.
Make sure you install contents inside your Starcraft folder.

4. After installation is successfully completed, double click EuropeBattle.Net.reg located inside the Starcraft Installation Folder and click OK to make sure you'll have our realm in the list. Next run Starcraft.exe, select our realm by entering multiplayer and selecting EuropeBattle.Net connection.

StarCraft Installer: Click Here (Last Updated 13 October 2011)

Alternative download links: Mirror 1 or Mirror 2


1. Optional: If you are planning to connect manually, use a "Gateway Editor".
If you don't have a Gateway Editor, you can download it from .

2. Optional: Select the StarCraft game, click "Add Gateway" and enter the following data:

Name =
Zone = 0
IP =

3. Optional: For the last step, click "OK" followed by another click on the "Set to Chosen Gateway" button