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  • IMPORTANT Notice!

    Dear DIABLO III Players,

    The server and account registering are currently unavailable.

    We are working on a client and method so you can play and test the game with all it's commands on your own personal computer and avoid connection errors.

    There is nos ETA given until we will complete this so please be patient until we are done and make sure to check our website everyday for news.

    [15.10.2012] You may now REGISTER an account

    Dear DIABLO III Players,

    The maintenance has come to an end and you may now register your ingame account.

    Keep in mind this is just an ALPHA server to make yourself a first impression about the game and decide if you would like to buy it or not.


    Dear DIABLO III Players,

    We are glad to introduce you a new server update toghether with the mooege developers which includes working quest, improved stability and other minor fixes.

    We are now supporting the retail version so make sure that you'll read the new connect guide as the old one will not work anymore.

    Remember this is still a BETA server that we are working at, only during our free time and we do not intend to make a business out of this. It will take months and years until you will get everything you want on a fully working diablo 3 private perver so everyone that will be a jerk and will start complaing or flaming us for any reason will simply be permanently banned.

    New patch fix added on 25 July 8:10 PM

    If you want to get advantage of all the ingame features NOW, then don't wait for us and buy the original game.

    [25.06.2012] INGAME Commands Can Now Be Accessed By EVERYONE

    Dear DIABLO III Players,

    In order to offer our players a better gaming experience to test the most expected game Diablo III before buying the game or just because of the lack of money, we have enabled the ingame commands for everyone meaning that you will be able to spawn monsters, teleport into different worlds, spawn runestones or create items.

    You have to log in with a character and open your chat with ENTER to be able to send the following comamnds:

    !spawn [amount] [actorSNO] - spawns a mob

    !tp - Transfers your character to another world

    !town - Transfers your character back to town

    !whoami - Returns information about current logged in account

    !item Runestone_Unattuned_07 1 - Spawns Runestones

    !item [item_name] [quantity] - Creates an item on your choice
    D3Inferno StringList Data (Use NON-NLS Key item column for "item_name")

    [22.06.2012] Periodical Accounts Wipe To Avoid "Game Connection Lost" Error

    Dear DIABLO III Players,

    The accounts will be wiped from time to time since wrong created accounts is causing The game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server error.

    You may check when the last accounts wipe took place by clicking here here so make sure that you have created a new account if the old one is not working anymore.

    Also, since the Mooege Diablo3 Emulator project has been closed we will not work any further on the emulator until we will going to find a way so we won't break the game creator terms of service.


    Dear DIABLO III Players,

    We have told in the past that no further progress will be made on beta but due to high number of requests we started working again with the current most advanced diablo 3 emulator by helping them with tests, reports but also keeping some of our personal fixes private, just for our server.

    First of all please be reminded that even if we do support full retail version of Diablo 3 there are still plenty of bugs and errors, but atleast it's a better version than the beta. So we are giving a warn to those guys who didn't even bought the original game and start flaming by telling us to fix this and that, learn to code and so on. If you think everything is so easy then code yourself and be a better coder than official devs of the emulator or us. There is still a long way to go until we will have a playable diablo 3 private server and this will take several months since everything is really hard and there won't be any private server that will offer a close gameplay to the official server anytime soon. Anyone that will not respect this will be banned from our network so either understand how the things are going and say thanks because we are doing everything for free or stay out of this.

    Again, we are the first Diablo 3 Private server working on RETAIL version and we improved it as much as we could comparing to the official emulator as we have our own private fixes since everything is open source. Also, we started working with some talented diablo 3 coders recently so you will see more updates from now on.

    Registration system has been rebuilded and now it should be flawless so you do not have to worry again about the headache of creating an account.

    Lots of connect / loading / character create errors have been fixed.

    Ability to join public games created by other players.

    All accounts have been wiped so you will need to create a new one.

    Some screenshots taken ingame:

    Special Thanks goes to: Mooege, 0xaRuLe, CoaX, QQp[x\e] and Gix for making this possible.

    [31.05.2012] Website Maintenance COMPLETED

    Dear DIABLO III Players,

    As you have noticed, our website was offline nearly 24 hours due to a HDD failure on the dedicated servere where we host the webpages.

    However, the situation was solved super fast by recovering data from the old HDD and replacing it with a new one.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience and the new players may register an account and download our client just fine now.

    Remember that during this time, our server was online and only our website was affected. Here is a proof of a huge uptime we have reached:

    [25.05.2012] IMPORTANT NOTICES & ERRORS Description

    NOTE: Server is auto-restarted on a regular basis or when it gets crashed

    As you can see the server works fine for those who already connected and here are some proving status. We won't add a separate page with statistics to reduce quaries load since there are still a lot of players trying to join.

    Note that the BETA emulator is not capable to handle so many requests. We are more than grateful to see such a successful start with hundreds if not thounds of players, but this isn't up to us anymore since there is no retail emulator working yet

    Do remember this is a beta version so lots of errors may occur. If you want to play a diablo server with 0 errors then try our Diablo2 LOD Server here, which is working like a charm without any bugs or crashes.

    Secondly, please note that the server is overloaded with players so this is the reason why for some of you things are working slow. There are no lags, just a lot of players trying to connect in the same time and remember this is a BETA server like any other so things will work normally as soon as players will wait patiently to connect and the online traffic count will decrease a bit.

    Over 1500 accounts were created within 2 minutes since server start so in case you cannot create an account and you get an error please be patient and try again. There are players connected and playing just fine.

    As a side note, please read the ERRORS Description here

    [25.05.2012] EuropeBattle.Net Diablo III FULL BETA is NOW ONLINE

    We are pleased to announce that we are the first Diablo 3 private server running on full beta version (9359). This server was created for those who wish to test out their beloved game and can not afford to buy the full game or they simply do not enjoy playing on the official server same as many other players.

    Please be aware that you will need to download the BETA client and not the full version. Also please make sure you do understand that there will be a lot of bugs but less comparing to other Diablo 3 private servers running on older patches or which haven't added any personal fixes like we did.

    In order to connect to EuropeBattleNet Diablo 3 Private Server follow these steps:

    1. Download BETA Client from here.

    2. Download EuropeBattle.Net Patcher from here.

    3. Register an account here.

    4. Read the "how to connect" guide here.

    5. Report any problems you get on our forums here.


    Also please notice that today we are also wiping the database of our Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction private server after a period of over 3 years. Visit the website here.

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    This private server is only offering you the chance of testing Diablo III game without affecting or replacing the official servers in any way. We are also offering the chance to those players that cannot afford to buy the game or those who are undecided, to see a small sample of it. We are not responsable for anything that you may do inside or outside this game and there is no real money selling involved into this server which is just an alpha version of one of the most popular computer games.